+ Do you offer lake management?

We are happy to help all pond and lake owners with any management questions they may have. We offer site visits, lake surveys, weed control, harvest recommendations, and free water quality tests. We also offer monthly management plans March through October. Electrofishing surveys are conducted when water temperatures are above 70°F. October is the best month for electrofishing surveys, so please call ahead to schedule your lake survey.

+ What about tilapia?

We sell the Mozambique Tilapia April through June. Water temperatures need to be above 65 °F for the Mozambique Tilapia to survive. American Fisheries Society guidelines for stocking Tilapia are between 10-15 Lbs per acre. Cost for Tilapia range from $8-$15 per pound. They are primarily used for additional Bass forage and also help with algae control. They do not feed on aquatic weeds.

+ Can I get a survey to see what’s in my pond/lake? How do I know what’s in my pond?

Yes, we conduct surveys on ponds/lakes. Fish are collected during a survey using an electrofishing boat. Fish data (species, abundance, size and weight) are collected and used to determine the health of the pond/lake. Other data collected during the survey are water quality, vegetation coverage and species.

+ Do you offer aquatic weed control?

Yes, the best months for weed control are March - August. Please call us to discuss your problem.

+ Do you deliver?

Yes, however, we do have delivery minimums based on the total fish order and distance from our farm.

+ When is the best time of year to stock fish?

Spring or Fall are the best times to stock new ponds or lakes. We prefer to have at least 6 to 8 feet of water in the pond or lake to protect your fish from predators (i.e birds, otters). Some of our fish are available seasonally. Florida Bass are ready late May or early June. Threadfin Shad are delivered in July. We sell Black Crappie November though March. Triploid Grass Carp survive testing and handling much better October through May (water temperatures below 75°F). Tilapia need water temperatures above 65°F.

+ What’s a typical pond package?

1000 Coppernose Bluegill and Redear Sunfish (10%) mix $250/1000
2000 Fathead Minnows at $30/1000
Florida Bass 100 per acre $80/acre
Total bait package $310/acre

+ I have just built a new lake. What do I do first?

Always check the pond's pH before stocking any fish especially in East Texas. We are happy to check pH at our hatchery. Most of the Agrilife Extension agents can also check pond pH. Pond pH needs to be above 6.5 at first light in the morning.

+ How much should it cost to manage my lake?

Lake maintenance and fishery management should average $100 to $200 per acre per year. Chemical weed control or the addition of Triploid Grass Carp increase these amounts.

+ How do I pick up fish?

Our retail shed is open each Thursday in the Spring and Fall. We catch your fish on Monday and Tuesday of the week you are coming, so please order by Tuesday. We supply a 20" by 30" plastic bag with oxygen to transport your fish back to your pond or lake.

+ What about Triploid Grass Carp and Tilapia for weed control?

Both species of fish help for weed control but only with certain species of vegetation. Identify your problem plants first. Go to: Aquaplant.tamu.edu to identify your problem plant. Then call us. We will be happy to help you decide how best to control your problem vegetation.

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